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The Fairgrove University Chronicles

A "Changeling: The Dreaming" game

Fairgrove University
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In Pennsylvania's Schuylkill County, there is a college called Fairgrove University. To all appearances, it is a medium-sized liberal arts college, one of many that dot the United States from Maine to California....

To those with the ability to see beyond the mundane world, however, it is far more. Here, the fae walk among humans, creating the stuff that dreams - and nightmares - are made of.

The Fairgrove University Chronicles is a Livejournal Changeling: The Dreaming game using the tabletop rules in Changeling: The Dreaming, Second Edition. This game is open to fae, Kinain and mortal characters; character applications can be sent to fairgrove.mod AT gmail DOT com. Apologies to the hopefuls, but this game is over.

Prospective players, please read this post before trying to join the communities.

This community is for In-Character posting only. Out-of-Character posts should be made in the Out-of-Character Community.

You must have an approved character before you join this community; see the link below for the character application procedure.

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