Thomas Chandler (thomaschandler) wrote in fairgrove_u,
Thomas Chandler

Thursday evening, March 23rd - Asleep since Tuesday

He hasn't woken since Maggie and Collin dropped him off on Tuesday. At some point, his glasses managed to find their way onto a stack of nearby books, and he kicked off his boots and socks as well. Otherwise, Thomas has been outcold. Attempts to rouse him have pretty much proven futile (and cold water dumped on him just would have produced a cold and wet mortal boy.) But he's been sleeping a deep, seemingly dreamless sleep.

Then suddenly, without warning of any sort, he jerks himself upright. His eyes are wild. Flailing around, he manages to find his glasses. He then does something he almost never does:

"Holy shit!"

Frantically, he starts to push books and magazines off of his desk. "Where's a pen?! I need a God-damned pen! Jesus fucking Christ!"

Grasping a pen and a sheet of paper, he starts to write.

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