Thomas Chandler (thomaschandler) wrote in fairgrove_u,
Thomas Chandler

Tuesday mid-morning, March 21 - Parking lot

Thomas sits in his truck, hands resting on the wheel. The engine is idling. He has the vaguest reollection of, just a few moments ago, his hand pushing the column shift into Park. Slowly, as if gathering his bearings, he looks left and then right through the cab windows.

**Oh. I'm back at school. All right, then.**

He sits there, absorbing this fact, for quite some time. Finally, Thomas turns off the engine, opens the door and slides out from behind the wheel.

**Ok, I left... Friday. Something about a party. And today is... today is.... You know, that's a very good question.**

There's obviously something different about him at the moment. He's totally clean shaven and it looks as if his hair has been trimmed as well. At the same time, his clothes are somewhat wrinkled and askew; his sneakers are on the wrong feet. His patchwork coat is nowhere to be seen. Thomas stands there in button down shirt and jeans, not quite aware of how cold it is. His bookish features are paler than normal, and there are bags underneath his eyes.

**I should ask someone what today is. That could be very important. Or not.** He considers asking one of the nearby maple saplings that surround the parking lot. **Nope. No good asking them.**

In a rather distracted manner, eyes unfocused and head bouncing loosely, Thomas looks about the area. **What... what was I doing again?**

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