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March 19th, Sunday, the Student Gym, 8:30 PM

Rosilyn stands in front of a punching bag, his eyes narrowed as he beats on it, making no noise other than a low angry hiss as his gloved fists and bare feet contact the soft foam. His clothes are just black shorts and a black tank top, showing how thin he is... and just how angry. Every muscle is tensed up as he hits the bag furiously.

I know damn well why someone would post that poster... but why blame the sidhe who would have, or had raged against that deed? the Liam thought as he poured his anger into the inanimate object. Especially where mortals would see it. I wish Shauna was here... She always got Shoklok and Barel to cool it on Beltaine..

"Dammit," punch, "why," kick, "do," punch, "people," kick, "use," punch, "guilty," punch, "by," kick, "assocation?" punch. He stops, taking deep breaths, and rests his head on the then-gently swinging bag.

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