Jonathan Fraser-Drake (jfdrake) wrote in fairgrove_u,
Jonathan Fraser-Drake

March 8, Lunchtime, Student Union Cafeteria.

((Everyone and anyone is welcome and encouraged to jump in))

Jonathan, who has certainly not been a mainstay at the Student Union building, or it's cafeteria, stops by in the afternoon to grab a quick early bite to eat, settling down at an empty table by the window.

Why on earth am I eating this crap, he ponders, thinking of the stack of ingredients he and Nathan have back in Rowan Hall and of what better-tasting and likely healthier grub he could cook up. Oh, right. Aside from my mood, I'm getting a bit tired of cooking. What a laugh Nate would have at that.

The meal drags on interminably as Jonathan gazes out the window and picks at his food, lacking much by way of appetite at the moment. His posture gives away a certain tension. He mutters a few words to himself and keeps staring out the window.

"I am going to get extremely drunk tonight," he declares to himself, loud enough to be overheard at any of the neighboring tables, which he hasn't been paying attention to since he arrived.

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