Quiran ap Ailil (forsworn_knight) wrote in fairgrove_u,
Quiran ap Ailil

Feb 25th, Saturday night in Rowan Hall

Between dinner and the eight 0'clock hour, the first floor boys wing has fairly quite. Few students seem to actually be about, having left for an evening of entertainment of one sort or another. It's that dull, quiet haze that makes one think that this area is deserted.

A door is wrenched open with a loud crash, and from Sir Quiran's/Dante's room a yong girl bolts down the hallway. Long brown hair, straight and fine, streams behind her. Her sobs are loud and uncontrolled, her chest and throat heaving with the effort is gasp in air. One hand is furiously wiping away at tears, while the other hand clutches closed a leather jacket, beneath which is an open blouse. Her sneakers seemed to have been jammed onto her feet in a hurry. She is pretty enough, for a mortal girl, and looks to be in her late teens or early twenties.

Sir Quiran appears in the doorway, his face a mixture of exasperation and frustration. Dressed in jeans of darkest blue and a long sleeved t-shirt of black, he follows after her on bare feet.

"Gwen, will you please wait a moment? I'm sorry!" His shouts are clearly audible.

The mortal girl, her complexion and makeup ravished by her weeping, does not stop. Out of the boy's wing and into the main lobby she flees. Anyone there is ignored as she makes for the main doors. Sir Quiran's long legs shorten the distance between them, but too late. She bangs through the glass and steel doors and into the night. Sir Quiran slows to a stop. His indigo eyes watch her through the glass panes as she runs off into the night. In a most un-Quiran like way, he slams a fist against the door frame.

"Oh to sail a sunless sea," he mutters.

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